Don’t have time to analyse the wealth of clinical data you have?

Don’t have time to write up your results?

Stumped by a lack of support?

Look no further!


Our Aim:

Support Offered

  • To support all levels of healthcare practitioners to produce high-quality research papers
  • Support the conversion of your clinical data into scientifically and statistically acceptable data points
  • Support the conversion of your clinical data into high-quality publications and presentations
  • Improve the clinical and public health research presence from India at the national, regional and international level in journals as well as conferences
  • Support Professional Medical Societies to increase relevant and high-quality research output
  • Designing your Study based on your research or clinical idea and adhering to globally acceptable guidelines
  • Creating Data Variable forms for collection and data entry based on your research idea
  • Analysis of your data in a collaborative and interactive way
  • Interpretation of the analysis
  • Support to convert your research into a high-quality research paper or dissertation
  • Support to address reviewer or editorial concerns, if any.
  • Your work remains your work. You retain complete ownership of your work.

Who is eligible?

  • Any Healthcare practitioner
    • Postgraduate,
    • Senior resident,
    • Fresh/Young Researcher
    • Mid Level Professional
    • Senior Professionals

All support will be provided under the supervision of a mentor who has analysed and published over 80 scientific papers in high-quality journals and mentored several young researchers for board exam dissertations. The mentor will work one on one with each individual in a time-bound manner and with complete confidentiality and protection of data.