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Research: Reflections of an Individual Practitioner

The debate on whether clinical medicine, academics and research are inclusive, mutually exclusive, or stand alone pillars in disparate corners has been going on since long with entrenched opinions on all sides.

Clinicians talk up the excitement of “taking care of people” while using information derived from research. Researchers talk up the excitement of “finding things new” while using information derived from clinical practice. Yet, they often sneer at each other. Ironic, isn’t it?

The focus on research, separate and not integrated with clinical practice, has led to a situation where research is now focused on the few and far between.

On a larger level, this is not healthy as research loses its representation and hence application across different levels of care. Research at tertiary care levels need not necessarily translate into action deliverable at a primary level. Such a situation has the potential to stagnate progress in healthcare and skew healthcare to one extreme with potential impact on delivery of care including access, availability, affordability and quality.

As an individual practitioner, I often find myself reflecting on the dichotomy between locally relevant results, guidelines and protocols, outcomes of care and learning.

I wonder, how do i contribute to changing the situation- after all, every voice matters!

Every problem is an opportunity for a solution. Can I bring solutions to the mix rather than being bogged down by the problems?

I am sharing a few of my thoughts with you hoping that we can have a dialogue.

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