Preventive Radiology IRIA India-Road Map for Activities

Prepared by: IRIA Preventive Radiology Committee

  1. Dr Rijo Mathew Choorakuttil-National Co-ordinator
  2. Dr Chander Lulla-Member
  3. Dr Zubair Kazi- Member
  4. Dr Umamaheswar Reddy-Member
  5. Dr Ruchi Rastogi- Member
  6. Dr Ramesh Shenoy- Member
  7. Dr Rakesh Jamkhandikar-Member
  8. Dr Ghanshyam Adhesharna- Member
  9. Dr Devanand B-Member

The following activities are proposed as part of the IRIA Preventive Radiology Initiative

  1. Creation of state-level committees and working groups under the state IRIA to
    1. Organize state-level continuous medical education programs, workshops and hands-on training,
    1. Develop state-level trainers,
    1. Provide competency-based training for radiologists in the state,
    1. Provide competency-based training for PGs at teaching hospitals in the state curriculum,
    1. Training to start preventive Radiology OPDs
    1. Generate state-level data on the use and integration of imaging biomarkers.
    1. Generate state-level evidence to inform algorithms,
    1. Develop state-level research teams.
  2. Identification and Evaluation of Imaging Biomarkers- organ, system and disease-specific.
  3. Evidence-based integration of imaging biomarkers with clinical and biochemical algorithms.
  4. Evidence-based protocols for imaging-based guided interventions and biopsies.
  5. Develop India specific guidelines and algorithms.
  6. Develop Image biobanks for India.
  7. Develop Healthcare level-specific pragmatic applications for preventive radiology at the primary, secondary, and tertiary care levels.
  8. Technology Entrepreneurship program
  9. Digital Reach Out and Clinical Network platforms
  10. Integrate with National Digital Health Mission
  11. Integrate AI and deep learning algorithms.
  12.  Integrate the concept of healthy ageing and image-based screening for biomarkers.
  13.  Health Education and Awareness Optimizing Digital Media
  14. Focus Areas
    1. Liver
    1. Kidneys
    1. Heart
    1. Lungs
    1. Vascular System
    1. Breast
    1. Prostate
    1. Colon
    1. Gastrointestinal system
    1. Thyroid
  15. Research Protocols on Preventive Radiology topics that can be applied by various hospitals and practitioners including for PG dissertations.

Dr Rijo Mathew

Written by Dr Rijo Mathew

Dr.Rijo completed his basic medical education from the Government Medical College, Thrissur, at Kerala, India, and his MD in Radiology from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, India. Subsequently, he worked as a Senior Registrar at Jaslok Hospital at Mumbai, India.

Dr. Rijo Mathew is a Member , Scientific Advisory Committee, IRIA, Member in Charge of Ultrasound, Career Assurance Program, IRIA, & In Charge, National Fetal Radiology CME Programmes of IRIA. Dr Rijo is the National Coordinator for Samrakshan, an IRIA program of IRIA that aims to reduce perinatal mortality in India.

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