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Journal of Fetal Radiology

The First Scientific Journal in India dedicated exclusively to Fetal Radiology

The Journal of Fetal Radiology aims to share pragmatic, user and context based, solutions to common everyday clinical issues that affect the vast majority of fetal radiologists and pregnant women in India and similar countries.  The Journal focuses on a pyramid model that recognizes that majority of problems are at the base of the pyramid and hence proposes sharing knowledge from the ground up that can drive hypotheses driven research of practical and pragmatic value. The Journal also proposes to listen and share the voices of others involved with fetal care- the pregnant woman, ethicists, policy makers, sociologists, health educators, innovators and product developers, amongst others.

Translating and acting on evidence is not enough as medical practice is a dynamic field. There is a need for constant evaluation of what works well and what does not, what can be improved and why and how. Such evaluation should consider the perspectives of every fetal radiologist including those working in non institutional settings and who practise their craft with minimal, if any, support systems.  Equally important, if not more important, is an evaluation based on what the new practices mean for every pregnant woman and fetus, arguably the most important stakeholders in fetal radiology.

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