Journal Club

Fetal Radiology

  1. Systematic Review of the utility of fetal cerebroplacental ratio measured at term for the prediction of adverse fetal outcome
  2. The Pulsed Wave Doppler Fetal Myocardial Index: Technical Applications, Clinical Challenges and Future Research
  3. Contribution of the myocardial performance index and the aortic isthmus blood flow index to predicting mortality in preterm growth restricted fetuses
  4. The Aortic Isthmus: A significant yet under explored watershed of the fetal circulation
  5. Two Dimensional Speckle tracking of the fetal heart: A practical step by step approach for the fetal sonologist
  6. Additional Value of fetal magnetic resonance imaging in the prenatal diagnosis of central nervous system anomalies: a systematic review of the literature
  7. Placental insufficiency in fetuses that slow in growth but are born Appropriate for Gestational Age: A prospective longitudinal study


Musculoskeletal Radiology

  1. Power and Color Doppler Settings for inflammatory flow:  Impact on scoring of disease activity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Shear Wave Elastography: Basic Physics and Musculoskeletal applications 


Breast and Womens Health

  1. X-Ray contrast imaging of the breast: advances towards clinical implementation