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Counselling in Fetal Radiology-unsung, unspoken but important

Fetal Radiologists do a lot of counselling.

  • Counselling mothers and families on the course of pregnancy and what tests they have to consider
  • Breaking news of abnormal test/image results to prospective parents and informing them what it means
  • Sometimes, breaking news of the loss or potential loss of a fetus.

Fetal Radiologists often travel back and forth between a world of testing and images and real patients with real concerns. There is life in the images and tests.

However, counselling is not something that is routinely addressed or may i dare say, addressed at all, in our curriculum. We are sort of left to navigate and figure this out for ourselves. Sometimes, it ends well. Sometimes, it does not. Should it be this way? Time to shake the status quo?

In this presentation, we look at counselling in Fetal Radiology and hope to bring the discussion into the forefront. We will like to hear from you-please use the comments section to share your thoughts.

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