About Us

Dr. Rijo Mathew Choorakuttil completed his basic medical education from the Government Medical College, Thrissur, at Kerala, India, and his MD in Radiology from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, India. Subsequently, he worked as a Senior Registrar at Jaslok Hospital at Mumbai, India.

Dr. Rijo Mathew is a Member , Scientific Advisory Committee,  IRIA, Member in Charge of Ultrasound, Career Assurance Program, IRIA, & In Charge, National Fetal Radiology CME Programmes of IRIA.

Dr Rijo established the Annie Mathew Memorial Associated (AMMA) Center for Diagnosis and Preventive Medicine in Kochi, Kerala (http://ammascan.com) with several branches spread across Kerala. AMMA has been a pioneer in radiology and imaging services in Kerala, retaining its focus on compassionate and ethical care of the highest quality over the past few decades. Dr. Rijo is uniquely placed as a clinical diagnostician, trainer, and administrator while retaining a keen academic interest.

The Annie Mathew Memorial Associated (AMMA) Education and Research Foundation (http://ammaerf.in) is set up to share experiences in radiology and imaging with a primary focus on

  • Practitioners at the primary and secondary levels of health care,
  • Post graduate students of Radiology and Imaging, and
  • General Public.

The AMMA ERF aims to

  1. Disseminate the results of cutting edge research to practitioners in the field and to improve application of research into clinical care.
  2. Provide educational resources on different areas of radiology and imaging with a focus on supplementing and complementing existing curriculum with nuggets from field practices
  3. Share information on ways to better analyse and assimilate research papers to translate them into action
  4. Demystify radiology and imaging processes and information for the general public with an aim to increase public awareness.