A Framework to Develop Clinical Practice Guidelines for Fetal Radiology in India

Dr. Rijo Mathew Choorakuttil, Editor in Chief, The Journal of Fetal Radiology, (http://fetalradiology.in), during his tenure as Subspecialty Head of Fetal Radiology at Indian College of Radiology and Imaging, had prepared a framework for the development of evidence based clinical practice guidelines to be used for the development of Trimester specific USG studies. Several guidelines were developed under his leadership (See Table 1)  and submitted to the Indian College of Radiology and Imaging for further dissemination. 

We would like to share the framework or structure (See Table-2) on which these guidelines are built for the reference of Fetal Radiologists in India. We believe this framework will provide a clinical, practical, pragmatic context to evaluate clinical practice guidelines for Fetal Radiology in India. 

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