Samrakshan 1st Trimester Screening identifies 1 in 5 pregnant women as high risk for preterm preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction

168 (22.4%, 95% CI: 19.56, 25.52) women were at high risk for both preterm PE and FGR; an additional 96 (12.8%, 95% CI: 10.6, 15.38) women at high risk only for preterm PE and 95 (12.67%, 95% CI: 10.48, 15.24) women at high-risk only for FGR. 122 women (16.27%, 95% CI: 13.80, 19.08) had a gestation age specific mean uterine artery PI >95th percentile based on the global reference standard. Mean arterial blood pressure >95th percentile and mean uterine artery PI >95th percentile was significantly associated with a higher risk for preterm PE. The proportion of women that are considered as high risk shows a significant reduction from 35.2% to 25.73% if we use a cut-off of 1 in 100 for preterm PE and from 45.3% to 29.6% for FGR. These proportions fall significantly further when we use a risk of 1 in 50, to 13.6% for preterm PE and 15.33% for FGR.

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