Content validity of a Fetal Radiology Assessment and Diagnostic Score-India (FetRADS- India) for early identification of at-risk pregnant women

Context: Non-invasive radiology imaging techniques can be used to identify pregnant women at risk for adverse fetal and maternal events. 

Aim: To describe the conceptual development of a comprehensive Fetal Radiology Assessment and Diagnostic Score- India (FetRADS-India) for risk stratification and early identification of pregnant women at risk for adverse fetal events.

Methods: The FetRADS-India item pool of variables pertinent to the score were generated using formative research including literature search to identify variables of interest to measure and content validation. A content validity ratio >0.49 was considered necessary for the retention of variables in the item pool. A composite score was generated combining the radiology imaging assessment and therapeutic weighted score. 

Results: The FetRADS-India score has six levels with increasing scores indicating increasing risk for adverse fetal events. Subset scores predictive of obstetric adverse events based on assessment of fetal structure, growth and environment were developed.

Conclusions: The FetRADS-India categories have been developed, using content validation, for the risk stratification of pregnant women to help initiate appropriate early management for high risk cases including referral to advanced care or tertiary care units.  

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