Imaging benign soft tissue lesions of the foot

Authors: Shruti Moholkar, FRCR, Jasdev S. Sawhney, DNB, FRCR, and Raj Bhatt, MD, FRCR in Applied Radiology

This review considers imaging features of palpable lesions around the foot that are generally benign.1–3 The foot is a relatively uncommon site of tumors. It contains a large number of tissue types including tendons, plantar fascia, retinaculae and synovium,1 which correspond to the distribution of masses in this region. Vascular tumors also represent common soft-tissue masses of the foot. Ultrasound (US) can be used to confirm the presence of a suspected lesion and is an important adjunct to diagnosis. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the modality of choice to define the depth and extent of a lesion, the tumor margins and to characterize lesions accurately.

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