Mentoring Dissertation Writing

Mentoring Dissertations: An initiative by AMMA Education Research Foundation

AMMA Education Research Foundation announces a rolling “Online Dissertation Writing Support” as part of its mission to support India specific research in India.

This is a completely online, self paced program that allows postgraduate residents to complete their dissertations without missing out on their clinical responsibilities

Highlights of the program

  • Completely online, self paced, individualized
  • Support for writing the dissertation including
  • How to write a focused hypotheses and aims
  • How to write a precise, concise Introduction
  • How to write a pertinent Literature Review
  • How to write the Material and Methods- study specific elements
  • How to do Data analysis- what tests should i do?
  • How to present the results
  • How to interpret results
  • Vancouver Style of References
  • Focused on mentoring relevant to your dissertation, no clutter of unnecessary theoretical concepts
  • Practical, pragmatic approach mentoring through actual writing, step by step
  • Candidates have to share their study protocol
  • Candidates may have to share their raw datasets if further data analysis or clarifications are required
  • Mentor the complete write up of the dissertation enabling extraction of content or conversion to a manuscript for publication

Number of seats: Rolling Registrations

Cost: INR 5000 per student (covers period from protocol development to thesis submission and submission of at least 1 paper for publication).

Interested candidates may

email expressing their interest to register


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Course Faculty

Dr. Rijo Mathew

Dr. Praveen Nirmalan

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