Developing Normative Ranges for India: A Fetal Radiology India Initiative

Fetal Radiology India is launching an ambitious project aimed at collecting and collating normative data for India that will lead to development of cut off values that can differentiate common co-morbidities and abnormalities in an Indian population.


Much of the population data based criteria that we use currently are based on Caucasian data. Although these have been developed after much research, we have to evaluate if these criteria are useful to use in India or have to be adapted based on specific population characteristics of India.

Who can participate?

Any member of IRIA & ICRI with an interest in fetal radiology in India, and at any level of care (Primary, Secondary or Tertiary) is welcome to participate. We encourage Post Graduate students of Radiology to participate through their respective teaching programs.

What is required?

You will have to

  • Share data of your clients (without patient identifiers) with us in a predetermined format that will be shared as a MS Excel sheet.
  • The methods of measurement including technical details will be provided
  • Data on singleton pregnancies
  • Data for a period of one month
  • Share only the data that you feel comfortable sharing. It is possible to share information only on some variables.

We will repeat the data collection every year to explore for any trends or changing values.

Data Protection and Privacy

All data will be stored in a password protected database. The privacy of your clients and yourself is of prime importance and we will not share any personal details regarding your clients or yourself with anyone. Any sharing of the data will be in an anonymized manner.


We aim to create state wise and nationwide reports of the normative data that will be shared with all members of IRIA and ICRI. The data reporting formats and reports will consider newer developments in Fetal Radiology as and when they occur.


Fetal Radiology India is developing several training programs that will look at technical skill upgradations focused on basic measurement parameters on a regular basis. We look at this process as a way for fetal radiologists to self-assess their measurement techniques as well and to consider skill upgradation as necessary.

For teaching programs, the process can be used to ensure training in basic fetal radiology parameter measurements using standardized practices. We hope this will also inculcate a data documentation and evaluation practice in young radiologists that will serve them well in future.

How do I participate?

Please send an email expressing your interest with your name, years of experience, practice specifics (diagnostic center or unit, primary, secondary, tertiary care hospital), and state where you practice to: