IRIA call for Training Institutes, India


All the Members of IRIA
Dear Esteemed Member,
Greetings from IRIA HQ!
In the Central Council Meeting of IRIA held on 22nd July, 2018, it was decided that in view of non-availability uniform teaching facility in Radiology in the country due to lack of sufficient qualified faculty, latest equipment and clinical material, there must be a skill enhancement program for all young IRIA members. Because of the turf war and intense competition from other specialities, the skill and quality of all practicing Radiologists also must be enhanced. In this context, IRIA has decided to have a nationwide Skill enhancement Fellowships Program. The period of the program can vary from a maximum of one year to few weeks. The areas can be Foetal Radiology, Foetal Intervention, Advanced MRI, Advanced CT, Colour Doppler, Body Imaging, Small Part Imaging, Musculoskeletal Radiology- Ultrasound and or MRI, Interventional Radiology procedures, Breast Radiology etc.
All institutions having sufficient facility and faculty can apply to IRIA central office for getting them as IRIA recognised institutions to conduct Skill enhancement Fellowships program. Once approved IRIA will facilitate the selection of candidates. The certificate provided will be from IRIA central office with the additional signature of the local course organiser/Faculty. The duration, number of trainees, accommodation facility and fee for the course can be fixed by the institution in consultation with IRIA. A nominal part of the fee may be paid to IRIA for facilitation of the program.
This Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program is available only to those who have done recognized post graduate degree/diploma in Radiodiagnosis and are Provisional Life/Life Members of IRIA.
Fee Structure:
The Fee Structure for ‘IRIA Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program will be decided by the centre in consultation with IRIA.
The Faculty for ‘IRIA Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program’ must be a reputed life member/members of IRIA proficient his/her field with adequate teaching/Professional experience.
How to Apply:
Once IRIA declares the training centres with all details, the Candidates shall choose the institution/centre of their choice and take prior approval from IRIA HQ. After receipt of request from members, IRIA HQ shall issue letter both to institution/centre and Member, after which the member shall be enrolled for ‘Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program’.
Certification and Recognition:
The IRIA HQ shall issue the certificate to the Candidate after successful completion of the program and receipt of completion certificate from Institution/Centre. The name and in-charge of the Radiology Tutor and institute/centre shall be mentioned by IRIA HQ in the Certificate.
The ‘IRIA Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program’ is for enhancing the competence of the members in the field of Radiology & Imaging so as to make them the leaders in Radiology and Imaging. This course is not formally recognised by MCI/NBI.
To start the Program:
All esteemed IRIA Members interested in teaching training from various institutions in India are requested to communicate to IRIA central office urgently for the starting the ‘Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program’ in any subject of their choice. The formal communication should contain:

The name of the Course mentioning the area of focus

Details of faculty

Details of facility


No. of trainees that can be accommodated

Proposed fee

Accommodation policy

Any other relevant information
The institutions which start the ‘IRIA Skill Enhancement Fellowship Program’ will be honoured during the Annual Conference of IRIA.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Mohanan K.      Dr. C. Amarnath
President, IRIA.       Secretary General, IRIA
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