National Repository of Case Reports as a Teaching & Learning Resource

IRIA & ICRI are creating a national repository of interesting case reports and case series pertaining to Fetal Radiology. The national repository will serve as a learning pool of cases for everyone interested in Fetal Radiology, especially for teaching programs in Radiology. We encourage submissions from all levels of practitioners of Fetal Radiology and from all settings.

Videos and material describing protocols for diagnostic imaging procedures using various modalities are welcome with specific focus on fetal ultrasound, fetal MRI, targeted studies, Doppler, genetic and neurosonograms, placental exams etc.

Submissions need not be restricted to those describing abnormalities; submissions on eliciting normal signs and findings and measurements are also encouraged.

Material may be submitted as

  • Text documents with images & tables,
  • Slide presentations (MS Power Point or similar formats),
  • Videos in MP4, .WMV, .MOV format.


The material should not contain details that may identify patients and should be anonymized. Kindly ensure that patient names or MR numbers and other identifiers are masked or are cropped from the images/Videos.

All material will be attributed to the original contributor and will form part of the Fetal Radiology Case Repository. The material in the repository will be made available to learners as a free resource with a commons creative license and credits attributed to the person(s) submitting the material.

Those who are interested may send their material, with their full names and affiliation at the time of documenting the case report, to Dr. Rijo Mathew at