Role of a SIG- Fetal Radiology

We have posted previously about The creation of Special Interest Groups (SIG) for research in Fetal radiology in India

The roles and responsibilities of a SIG are described briefly. As the SIG forms and meets, the SIG may decide to add on or take more roles and responsibilities.

What is a SIG?

SIGs are groups with special interest in any particular area(s). These groups will collaborate to develop, evaluate and assess and implement new knowledge in their respective areas of interest besides promoting the use of existing knowledge. The SIG will also assess, ascertain and try to trouble shoot problems in implementation that may occur at different levels. In a sense, the SIGS work towards overall improvement in that particular area. The SIG works as a group and does not promote individual glory. 

What functions may the SIG perform?

The SIG may perform several functions (micro SIGs) that include, but are not limited to,

  • Develop, Lead and Implement Nationwide Collaborative Research to add to existing knowledge
  • Develop Reporting and Documenting Formats
  • Develop and Implement Audit Systems
  • Develop Reports and Communications for dissemination
  • Develop Protocols, Guidelines and Recommendations for dissemination
  • Integrate clinical practice and research related to the SIG
  • Develop State, Regional and National Level Policies
  • Become Trainer of Trainers  for research methods focusing on improving PG and young investigator research
  • Conduct SIG related CMEs at the National Conference.

Authorship of Communications

Authorship of communications of the SIG will be attributed in the name of the SIG group- Fetal Radiology India with members of the SIG group listed as members of the particular SIG. Members will be listed in alphabetical order of their last names.

The SIG may choose to have a writing group that will also review suggestions and finalize the draft. Drafts will be run through all members of the SIG in a time bound manner.

Each SIG will aim to publish high quality research manuscripts in top tier International and National journals.

Who can be part of the SIG?

The SIGs are inclusive and anyone can be a part of a SIG (with an option to opt out as well)

Based on interest, members can join specific micro SIGs as well. Members can also opt to be “data participants” (who are willing share data but unable to find the time to actively participate), or “field feedback participants” (who provide feedback from the field on what is important for them, limitations of existing systems/protocols etc).

How will the SIG communicate?

The SIG will communicate primarily through e-mail and have web based meetings as necessary.

The SIG will look to meet (as required), maybe as breakfast meets, during the national Fetal Radiology Conference annually.

Those who are interested to join a SIG may send an email to Dr. Rijo Mathew at with their CV and names of the SIGs they will like to join.