Spotter- How will you proceed?

Is FGR or SGA a concern based on these images? What percentile values should I consider?

Use the comments section to let us know how you will proceed


Right Uterine Artery
Left Uterine Artery
Umbilical Artery
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  1. Umbilical artery PI – p4, Uterine artery mean PI – p89. Both in the normal range. These values by itself are not concerning for FGR.

    1. Thank you for the comments. A few questions to consider, though. 1. Do these values hold meaning, with reference to FGR, at 20 gestation weeks? 2. Can maternal factors influence the interpretation of these values? 3. Which percentile chart should we follow? Is there an India specific percentile chart? 4. Do these parameters help to determine hypoxia?

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