Case Discussions: Diagnostic Scenarios- Routine, Proactive, Interactive?-1

We are starting a series of case discussions focused on different aspects of patient care pertinent to Radiology and Imaging.

We propose a different approach this time around.

We will present each case in phases, each phase will have questions that seek to understand what you would do in such a scenario. We will encourage you to keep a note of what you may have done before we present what we did. 

As we do this, we are not looking for a “top down” transfer of knowledge that is more keen to say “This is the way to do it”. Rather, we are looking for sharing and learning from everyone in the field and encouraging everyone to participate in the learning process. In a truly non judgmental way. 

Our only aim is to see how we can collectively improve-After all, a team is only as strong as its weakest link!

Please feel free to use the comments section to post your thoughts. When you comment, please allow some time for your comments to appear. Please restrict yourself to the subject, be polite and gracious, encourage your peers and be open to alternate thoughts and let us work together to raise the bar!

To roll out this initiative, We present the first part of the first case in the series (we will post each phase on alternate days).

A 36 year old pregnant woman who has completed 12 gestation weeks. See Further.